Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tutorial Twosday: Little Christmas Gifts

Looking for a cute Christmas gift for your co-workers, acquaintances, and friends? Look no further! Today's tutorials are all about the little Christmas things!

If you know me, you know I'm a fan of a good (or bad) pun, so this little gift is right up my alley.

Look at the tag! It says: "We WHISK you you a merry KISS-mas."  I love it! While there's no tutorial for this on the linked site, this is a super easy project to do.  Grab whisks from the dollar store, a few bags of kisses, a spool of ribbon, and some clear gift wrap.  Print up the tags, shove the kisses in between the whisk spokes, wrap, ribbon, and done.  So easy, so cute, and really inexpensive!

Everyone knows a few Scrooges, and you probably have a few Grinches in your life.  Using Spearmint Tic-Tacs and a cute printable, you can make your own batch of Grinch pills!

The box says: "Feeling kinda grouchy? Holiday spirit can't be found? Just try these little "Grinch" pills.  They're the best medicine around. Whether eating a whole handful, or munching one or two, these tasty little "pills" take the "Grinch" right out of you!"

Awesome, right?  So much fun, and so easy, too!

Happy Crafting!

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