Wednesday, September 28, 2011

House Hunters: Seattle

Mr. Goodlaff and I headed to Seattle a few weekends ago, looking for the perfect little piece of the city to call our own. I'll just say right off--and anyone who ever has knows this--apartment hunting is a pain in the ass. So many pieces have to fall into place in order for you to find the perfect place. And it's even harder when you're trying to relocate and you're looking for apartments that will be available six weeks from the day you're able to visit.  It felt like Mr. Goodlaff and I were in some nightmarish version of House Hunters.

::Voice over begins::

The Goodlaffs are relocating from the Sierra Foothills of California to the lovely Pacific Northwest.  They are looking forward to living in civilization and walking to stores, shops, and restaurants.  Will they find a non-ghetto apartment with a large kitchen and huge closets?  Stay tuned as House Hunters heads to Seattle...

Seriously, though. Right now we live in a quaint little town and we are making the move to a big city.  Our concept of reality and real estate is completely skewed. We cook a lot, so we wanted a big kitchen.  I have a lot of shoes, so I needed a large closet. A deck would be nice, we thought. Two bathrooms and two bathrooms were a must (you wouldn't believe how severely that limited our options). And, as always: Location, Location, Location. Oh, and we don't have a $7,000 a month budget. 

Were we high when we made our list of wants and needs?  Nope.  Just a little bit naive.

We explored neighborhoods all over the city and drove past a dozen listings. Some were better than others.  There was the beautiful loft-style house with a crack house across the street (we didn't go in). Then there was the place with such a crazy layout that we were left wondering if our TV would fit, and the apartment on the hill with huge closets.

What I realized is that apartment hunting is a task that's filled with self-doubt, especially when you're not seeing what you want.  Will this one work? What if this is the best there is? Should we take it? Will our furniture fit?  Will we get mugged if we walk here at night? Will we ever find a place?

But in the end, you just know.

We only toured three apartments before finding the one that would become Chez Goodlaff. When it's right, it's right, and this place is oh-so-right for us.  It has space, a nice kitchen, great storage, a deck (with partial sound views!), and is in our ideal location. 

I like to think that it was meant to be. When we went in to see the place, we asked about November availability--the best unit happened to be coming available then. We loved the neighborhood. We loved the apartment. All we had to do was put down a deposit and it was ours.  So, we did. 

Maybe we're crazy.  Our honeymoon is in a week, and a week after we get back, we are moving to Washington.  There's no time to pack, no time to think, and no time like the present!  Bring on the Uhaul, because, West Seattle, the Goodlaffs are headed your way...

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  1. Let me know when you hit town and I'll send out the welcome wagon. You are going to love it here. I'm in Paris until Nov 1. We can compare photos :-).
    Seattle Daily Photo