Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tutorial Twos: Rockin' the Ruffles

Why do we love ruffles so much? Is it the inherent girlyness? The breezy movement? The love of fluffy?

In any case, where ruffles are concerned, I count myself a fan. I think it goes back to the pink polka dot ruffle-butt bathing suit that I rocked as a child. Polka dots made the suit cool, but with the ruffles, I was unstoppable. So, in homage to my ruffle-butt bathing suit, here are a few tutorials for those of us with more--ahem--grownup tastes.

This ruffle skirt could be considered cheating, but it's so darn cute I just don't care.
The tutorial appears on V and Co., and it seems pretty easy to do. The key is to buy pre-ruffled material, some elastic and thread, and bam! Skirt.

I love how this skirt looks so dressy and professional with so little effort. I have every intention of making one, but because I don't have the option of pink polka dots, I can't decide between red ruffles or gray ruffles....decisions, decisions.

To "top" it off, here's another fantastic tutorial for this great ruffled top. There seems to be this trend in the blogosphere where you buy two basic, cheap tops and cut one to ribbons to make something new. I love it! Every time I find myself in Target or Walmart, I have to squelch the urge to rifle through the sale racks for shirts I don't ha
ve time to upcycle. Sigh.

This shirt tutorial by Tea Rose Home would look fantastic under a cardigan with some work slacks, which is just what I intend to do with it!

I can't wait to try both of these great projects! Now I just need the materials and the time to make them...

Tell Me: ruffles yea or nay?

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