Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two Tutorials for a Tuesday

As I was pondering how to transition from the Goodlaff Bride to the Goodlaff Girl, I decided a weekly series was in order. I know it's been done and that I'm hardly the first to tread over this tutorial territory, but I stumble across so many awesome projects in my Internet wanderings that I thought I'd share the love and show you all the projects I keep adding to my ever-growing to-do list of crafty adventures.

From here on out, every Tuesday I will share with you two projects that I am madly in love with; hence, Tutorial Twosday. Everything is fair game on Tutorial Twosday! Hopefully you'll leave feeling inspired...

To kick off this series, I'll tell you that I'm feeling a little nostalgic during this back-to-school season. I wish I could go on a shopping spree for a new backpack, lunchbox, and my favorite office supply: new writing implements (old-school Ticonderoga #2 pencils and gel pens). I have fond memories of my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and the fresh hope that carrying cool accessories brings to the school year, so in that vein, I present a couple of Back-to-School inspired tutorials:

First up, the shirt that has me rifling through my drawers in search of a plain white tee that doesn't need to stay that way: The Lined Paper Tee.

The Lined Paper Tee tutorial appears on UCreate, courtesy of Maybe Matilda, and just might be the best geek-chic item I have ever seen. This shirt makes me want to practice my penmanship. And it really can't get any easier--half the battle is drawing straight lines, so once you have that down, it's smooth sailing.

As for project number two...
In my inner heart of hearts, I am a preppy (actually, I'm pretty preppy on the outside, too), and I love me some argyle. So when I saw this amazing blanket tutorial, I thought I'd died and gone to prep school heaven:

I sort of wish I was back in college, because this would have been the perfect blanket to wrap around myself in the middle of the night when I was frantically trying to finish those ten-page English papers on 18th century British literature. I would probably go with a different color scheme, but overall, I adore this blanket. The project is featured on CraftStylish and is incredibly simple. It's a perfect project for procrastinating college students and argyle lovers alike.

So even though I'm not heading to class this fall, it's clear that the school bell has me inspired to find ways to bring a little bit of homeroom, home.

Happy Crafting!

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