Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello Hydrangeas

Okay, so it's not officially Spring yet--in fact, our weather is doing a pretty good rendition of "winter," right now--but our front door needed a change and I was inspired by all the pretty spring flowers on sale at the craft store. 

Ah, the craft store: a place where you can walk in with one idea in your head, fill your basket, change your mind, fill your basket again, and walk out with supplies for something completely new.  Like a hydrangea wreath. Story of my life.

I was inspired by V and Co's Hydrangea wreath:

But I decided to do things a little differently.

First off, I wanted hydrangeas in a few different colors; I chose white and green for a bright, springy feel.  I was all set to pick up a round wreath, but I spotted a few square wreaths on sale for just $2.97--sold!

After cutting the stems and arranging the blooms the way I wanted to, I glued them down, turned the wreath on its side, and ended up with this:

I used six bunches of hydrangeas, and definitely could have gone with about two more (one in each color) for a fuller, fluffier look. I wasn't thrilled with my ribbon choice (I should have used a wider, darker ribbon), but other than that, I love the way my wreath turned out. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile, and because its made of hydrangeas, reminds me of Mama Goodlaff (she loves hydrangeas).

It really brightened up our dreary front door, and it's the first thing I see at the end of the hallway after I get out of the elevator.  I've never experienced Spring in the Pacific Northwest, but if nothing else, I will get to see hydrangeas every day!

How are you preparing for Spring?

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