Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tutorial Twosday: Quilts

When I was trying to decide what kind of blanket I should make for my newest niece, H, I combed through dozens and dozens of prospective quilt patterns before deciding on the bunting flag quilt. Here are a few that made the short list.

First up, the McKinley Quilt:

What I loved about this quilt was the simplicity and the fun details.  Fabric, fabric, and more fabric coming together in one happy little blanket!  I also really loved the name embroidered right on the quilt, especially useful (and special) for a kid who has two older siblings and will probably be the recipient of many hand-me-downs. The fabric flowers are adorable, but maybe wouldn't be the best thing for a five month old. 

My initial plans actually were to do a hybrid of the bunting quilt and this quilt, the Modern Monogram Quilt:

Again with the simplicity. This quilt is all about the baby's name, and again, is super simple.  No piecing, very little cutting, big impact. This quilt is something you could throw together in a day, making it perfect for a last-minute (and very impressive) baby gift. 

Like I said, I thought of combining the name idea of this quilt with the bunting flags, but eventually decided that the front would be too busy.  I think I made the right choice.  

Happy crafting!

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