Monday, January 16, 2012

The Cold of Death

It was pretty quiet around here last week.  I apologize.  For almost two weeks now I have been dealing with the cold of death, and until Wednesday, I didn't have the energy to move, let alone blog.  My throat was killing me, I had Mr. Goodlaff buy out the entire cold section at the drugstore, and I went through about four boxes of Kleenex. I haven't even been working at my current job for a month, and had to call in sick for two days.  It was not good.  Luckily, I no longer sound like a 70 year-old smoker, and I'm down to only a few tissues a day. I feel almost human!

I made a few discoveries while I was sick, and I thought I'd share, in case any of you happen to catch the cold of death too.

After going through an entire box of regular Kleenex, I finally caved and sent Mr. Goodlaff to the store to get those awful tissues with the aloe in them.  My nose was so raw that I just couldn't take it anymore. What he came back with was this:


They have aloe and all that, but the best part of these tissues is that they are cool to the touch. It's kind of creepy--they are cold when you touch them. But they are so soothing, so awesome.  A total lifesaver.  It's a small box--only 50 tissues--and it's a bit spendy, but worth every damn penny.  I highly recommend them.

My second discovery was more of a referral than a find of my own. Turns out Sister Goodlaff was also suffering with a cold of death, and she found a recipe for a miracle drink on Pinterest. It's called Dr. R's Cold Remedy, and the recipe comes from Le Man and Wife

It's not much to look at, but the combination of lemon, honey, coriander, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon sticks is actually really tasty.  It can be a little strong and a little strange at first, but after three nights of drinking this, I felt way better.  Maybe I was just healing on my own, you say?  Nah. I prefer to put stock in this little gem.  Head on over to Le Man and Wife for the recipe!

If any more colds of death strike this winter, I will be ready!

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