Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tutorial Twosday: It's Not Easy Being Green

Onions, that is!

Green onions might be one of my favorite things to cook with.  They add so much flavor, color, and have so many uses--from garnish to star, green onions feature in so many of the dishes we cook.  I swear we buy them every week and never even use the whole bunch.  So sad.

The solution for that?  Here are two:

First, apparently green onions can be frozen. 

I can't even tell you how awesome this is.  Shake and make.  Literally.  A leftover water bottle, a funnel, and the ability to use all those green onions later so they don't go to waste.  Yes. Sign me up.

Second--you can just grow your own.  Have green onions whenever you want.  Yes, really.

I saw this on Pinterest a few months ago and I can tell you it actually works.  We live in Seattle, where sun is scarce, and it still works.  Water, plus white ends, plus window, equals personal green onion farm.  We haven't eaten any of ours yet (they're still growing), but I can't wait to try them.  From what I've read, they will grow forever. 

Problem solved.

Happy crafting!

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