Monday, January 9, 2012

Postcards from Seattle

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can't believe we actually live here in Seattle.  Civilization!  Shopping!  Stores and restaurants open past 6 PM! Scenery!

On New Year's Eve, Mr. Goodlaff and I hung around the house until about 11:30, then went to find a hill in West Seattle with a great view of the Space Needle. We were very successful:

The fireworks started at midnight, and though I'm sure they were awesome in person, they were just as beautiful from far away (maybe even better--we had no crowds!).

Second best New Year's Eve, ever.

When we were apartment hunting, the property manager told us we'd have a partial view of the Puget Sound from our unit, but with all of the leaves off of the tree in front of our apartment, we pretty much have a full-on Sound view until Spring.

Visibility wise, some days are better than others, but yesterday was stellar:

I get to look at that every day.  Amazing! 


  1. 1stly - as soon as I locate a decent fare and my passport, I am coming over to have coffee.
    2ndly - what would constitute your first best new year's eve ever?
    3rd-what are you doing taking pictures at midnight? you should be macking on your man! (i may or may not be taking classes on how to talk like a teenager in the early 90s)

  2. Those fireworks photos are beautiful! I'm jealous of your awesome views!